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What Do I Need to Get To Use My Device Abroad?
A Search Tool To Tell You What To Get

Believe it or not, complaining about overpriced sim cards and mifis doesn't pay too many bills...

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Glocalme G3 vs U2
What's the Difference Between GlocalMe U2 and G3?

If you know me, you know I love GlocalMe. If you want to know all the reasons why I love it so...

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How To Get a Sim Card for Germany None
Getting a sim card in Germany is hard but there are ways to get around it

How do you get a sim card in Germany?

You don't...unless you have an address in Germ...

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Why Sim Cards Matter More Than Mifis None
Your device is only as good as the service it connects you to

Someone got annoyed with me the other day because she asked which mifi or hotspot to get for i...

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Why the Skyroam Unlimited Monthly Subscription is Not Actually Unlimited None
It throttles after 550mb a day

The Skyroam Solis has just offered an "unlimited" monthly subscription for $99 a month (after ...

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