About Us

I'm a digital nomad. I work online. I've been doing this since 2013, before "Digital Nomad" was something people used to sell anything.

It pisses me off when I see influencers and travel bloggers praise products that aren't actually the best or the cheapest way to get online. They're supposed to know more than home-dwellers, and use this knowledge to help people travel; else, what are they good for?

I bounce around Asia, Europe, and USA throughout the year, traveling to 10-20 countries a year. I need internet wherever I am, and I want it to be cheap and easy to use.

I do the tedious work of researching mobile data plans around the world, then report it back and offer you the best deals I can find. I use affiliate links, so if you buy something on my recomendation, you can throw a gratuity my way.

If you want to know about a place I haven't written about yet, shoot me an email. This site is my hobby and I think research is fun.

Data for Digital Nomads. No more, no less.